Saturday 14 March 2015

West Borneo

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Today, I want to share about Musical Instrument from West Borneo.
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1. Agukng

    Agukng is a traditional musical instrument known as Gong. Musical instruments are played by being hit is one instrument that is often used and is considered sacred. Agukng / Gong can be found in almost all Dayak groups and trusted derived directly by the gods of heaven to be played in the ceremony. This instrument is believed to drive away evil spirits and bring the spirit of the ancestors or other supernatural beings. This is because the sound of Agukng is the gloriuos sound to escort the arrival of the spirits of the ancestors or supernatural beings that can assist in carrying out the rituals.


Entebong's shaped like a drum that is played by being hit. This one musical instrument there is in Sekadau made by the Dayak Mualang.

3. Kollatung

Kollatung is a traditional musical instrument made with copper brass. This instrument is played by being hit. Not only that, this Kollatung has another function that can be used as a dowry in marriage or can also be used as a means of payment in the customary law there.

4.   Terah Umat

Umat in the local language means iron. Traditional musical instrument of West Kalimantan is indeed made of iron which is played by being hit and not much different from the Javanese gamelan.

5.  Kledi/Keruri/Kedire/Suling
This musical instrument made of bamboo or seashells. To play this instrument is not only blown, but once sucked and blown. Clumps community Uut Danum This tool is also known by the name Korondek.

That's all from me, I hope you enjoy it and learn about musical instrument from West Borneo. I'm sorry if I have mistakes. See you at the next post, Bye :) 
"Syifa Deanti"

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