Saturday 14 March 2015

Acehnese Musical Instruments

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In this time, I would to share about Acehnese Musical Instruments. Check it out, guys !

1. Arbab
   Arbab is a traditional musical instrument from Aceh. This is made from coconut shell, goat leather, wood and strings, while the bow is made of wood, rattan or plant fibers. This instrument consist of two parts, the first is the main instrument called Arbab, and the second is the bow arbab called Go Arbab.

This instrument ever growing in area of Pidie, Aceh Besar and Aceh Barat. It is estimated that there Arbab musical instrument in the Dutch era. But unfortunately, in this time musical instruments Arbab already rare and almost extinct from the Veranda of Mecca.

2.  Bangsi Alas Bangsi was made from bamboo. They are often found in areas Alas, district, East Aceh. Traditionally, the manufacture of Bangsi was associated with mystique, cause Bangsi was made when there was someone died, how scare it is !

If there was someone died, Bangsi who have ready made purposely washed away in the river. After that, the people will follow until Bangsi taken by children, then Bangsi who had taken the children had been taken away again by the creators of the hands of children who take it. Bangsi this will then be used as Bangsi melodious voice.

 3. Canang Canang are often found in groups in Aceh, Gayo, Tamiang, and Alas. The people of Aceh called it "Canang Trieng", in Gayo called "Teganing", in Tamiang called "Lute" and in Alas called the "Lute Sports".

The shape of Canang is resembles a gong. Almost all areas in Aceh are tinkling musical instruments and each has a different understanding and functions. Canang function generally as musical accompaniment traditional dances. Canang as well as entertainment for the girls who were gathered. Usually played after completing the work in the fields or at a free time. 

4.  Serune Kalee
Serune Kalee is a traditional wind instruments that popular in the area of Pidie, North Aceh, Aceh Besar and Aceh Barat. Traditional musical instruments Serune Kalee is usually played along with Gendrang Rapai and entertainment events, dances, welcoming the honor guest at the royal kings golden age of Aceh Darussalam. 

Kalee Serune along with geundrang and Rapai is a set of music since the heyday of the kingdom of Aceh Darussalam until now still adorn music in traditional Acehnese culture. This instrument is one of the musical instrument like a flute or clarinet, spread in Malay community. 

5. Geundrang Geundrang is one unit of Aceh traditional musical instruments that are part of a set of music Serune Kalee. Geundrang includes the type of musical instrument sounded by being hit either by hand or using a wooden bat.  

Geundrang found in the region of Aceh Besar and is also found in the coastal areas of Aceh as Pidie and North Aceh. Geundrang function is a complementary tool tempo of traditional ethnic music Aceh. 

6. Rapai

Rapai traditional musical instrument is a musical instrument that is sounded by being hit.
In the show, Rapai musical instrument played by 8 to 12 players called Rapai crew. Rapai musical instrument is used to set the tempo and rhythm together Serune Kalee levels and Buloh Perindu.

Rapai musical instrument is usually played in a variety of occasions such as wedding ceremonies, birthdays, accompanying dance, commemorate certain days and other events. However, in addition to single instrument played Rapai can also be combined with other musical equipment. Rapai shaped like a jar or pot with a variety of sizes. At the top covered with leather, while the lower part is empty. 

Well, that all guys, thank you for your attention, I'm sorry if I've made mistakes. See you at the next post.

"Syifa Deanti" 

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