Saturday 11 April 2015

Dol (Sundanese)

Dol is a traditional music instrument from Bengkulu-Indonesia. It is a typical of percussion instrument which shaped like a big drum.

Dol is made of wood which is pierced in the middle and then covered with cow husk. Its diameter is about 70 - 125 cm, and its beater appliance has 5 cm in diameter and 30 cm in length. The way of using it is by lapping it. Small big Dol does not affect his voice, it sounds great Dol, for example, comes from the string that is placed inside a large dol. While Dol small voice coming from a thick or thin cowhide.

Different color dol rhythm is more pronounced when it is played on one song.

In Dol festival this time the sound is not only the addition of color comes from the blow Dol, but comes from the combination with other instruments like the guitar. There is also a creative with a blow kulintang, bowls and an elephant's trunk.
The modifications included in the music will not change the value of dol Dol music. An observer is guarantee of ethnic music.

 this is a example video about the doll rythm

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