Saturday 11 April 2015


Gamelan Banjar

 Gamelan Banjar actually is an art that is played with a set of gamelan musical instruments and complementary played by people Banjarese. And Gamelan Banjar itself has two versions, there Gamelan Banjar version palace and there are versions of Banjar Populist. If the terms of its history, Gamelan Banjar has existed since the 14th century that was brought to South Kalimantan by a prince named Prince Suryanata from Dipa State kingdom at that time.


Panting is a kind of stringed musical instrument played by plucking the strings. This model of Panting is almost similar to that derived from the Arabic Lute only smaller. The music played by this Panting originally came from the Tapin area .


Perhaps this is one of the traditional musical instruments of South Kalimantan are considered to be very unique. From the name alone is unique especially of forms made of wood combined with the length of bamboo at the bottom. How to play it quite stamped brackets these brackets to the ground then out the unique sounds that differ between the brackets brackets brackets brackets with others. Brackets-brackets usually played during the celebration ceremonies, receptions, or greet guests and officials who came to the area of South Kalimantan.
 Kintung This is one of the more unique musical instruments in South Kalimantan made by the tribe Banjar. Even in ancient times this instrument competed well. Uniquely this instrument allegedly played with magical powers. Even when the contested to the extent that a musical instrument made of bamboo can be broken down even not a noise at all with magical powers. Judging from the shape is like a musical instrument made of bamboo angklung. Sharpener top of each piece of bamboo is very important to set the sound. The length of bamboo used for one piece usually only two segments only.

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