Saturday 11 April 2015

Karinding (sundanese)

Karinding is a traditional musical instrument made of Sundanese community kawung fronds (palm tree trunks), and Awi (bamboo). A musical instrument which is supposedly old enough as a tool that has been used ancestor (parent) since the days before the discovery Kacapi, the age of the harp itself has reached more than five hundred years ago. This tool is estimated to have been older than 600 years and there is no mention that this tool has been used since ancient times used around the megalithic era. Karinding itself not only in Tatar Sunda, even in Bali, there are the so-called Genggong, Tung if in Borneo which is basically karinding well. And it turns out karinding not only found in West Java and several regions in Indonesia, but in some countries there is another party, but the manufacturers name and different materials. Such as musical instruments or xomits juliab dali Tibet from the Mongols. 

Karinding played by taped her mouth and lapped edges. Vibration between the Karinding and mouth combined with air from the mouth produces an unusual sound. More unique then again, this karinding has a distinctive voice. If F O F, D yes D karinding standard size is 10 cm long and 2 cm wide.

        This instrument is played earlier times. played at night by people while waiting for his farm in the woods or on the hills, and mutual berhunungan between the hill and the other hills. Turns karinding instrument not only as a means to repel deserted at night but also serves to repel pests. The sound produced by the instrument karinding make rice pests at bay as painful for these pests.

The sound produced in the form of vibrations that are not so clearly audible to the human ear, the science of sound, the sound is entered into the category of low decibel noise, that this vibration can only be heard by the type of animal and insect types, supposedly this is what is known now as the ultrasound. 

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