Saturday 11 April 2015

South Sulawesi

Hi, reader.
Welcome to Deallyrianemo, in this time, i'd love to share about instrument from South Sulawesi.
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Sulawesi traditional musical instrument is divided into two areas: the area of Bugis and Makassar area. Actually, these two regions have the same instrument. Only the way they are spoken.

1. Idiokardo / Drum Bulo

Idiokardo is the name of the Bugis area. Bulo drum is the designation of the Napier area. This instrument is a musical instrument drum that has no membrane. How to play the hit-Tap your way to an object.

2. Tambourine / terbang
Tambourine is the name of the Bugis area. Terbang is the designation of the area of Makassar. This instrument is a musical instrument that uses a drum membrane. The material is made of wood like sandalwood tree trunk wood, jackfruit trees, coconut trees and teak. The materials used affects the character of the sound it produces because the wood serves as the voice tube or resonance chamber.

3. Basi - Basi / Clarinet
Basi-basi is the name of the Bugis area. Clarinet is the designation of the Makassar area. This instrument is a kind of musical instrument wind instrument mounted double.

4. Kacaping / Harp
Kacaping is the name of the Bugis area. Lute is the designation of the Makassar  area. The history of the harp discovered / invented by a sailor, so that its shape resembles a boat that has two strings, the strings are taken for his invention of the rope sails. How to play it by picking. Formerly the harp is very popular among young and old, can become upset when his solace or friends revelers. Over the time of the game due to the harp as a means of entertainment performed based on public demand. For example at the pick-up guests, marriage, celebration, even the birthday entertainment.
Harp can be played by one person can also be grouped in the form of a kind of ensemble. Also can be played together with other traditional musical instruments such as drums, flutes, gongs, violin, mandaliong, Katto-Katto and others. Sometimes accompanied by male singer or a female singer. Games lute also used as a dance.
5. Tolindo / Popondi Tolindo is the name of the Bugis area. Popondi is the designation of the Makassar area. This musical instrument made of wood shaped like a bow as buffalo horn or a cow horn, which is based on a coconut shell, at the top end mounted 1 piece horn section strings. Play it by picking.

6. Alosu
Alosu is a musical instrument in the form of woven box dalamya filled grains. How to play it with a shake.

7. anak Becing
This instrument is a musical instrument made of metal rods. Shaped like a rower. How to play the way in wiggle.


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