Saturday 11 April 2015

Fu (North Maluku)

Fu is a traditional musical instrument originating from North Maluku. This is a music instrument that has unique characteristics. Fu made of shells, and how to play by blowing. Fu was first discovered when a person is lost and blowing shells to ask for help from others.
Use of Music Fu was very minimal. Music Fu also less performing than modern instruments. This is because not many people know what kind of music that fu. Musical instruments for this kind of music fu bia made of leather or snails. How to use fu music is by blowing. As is known, this type of wind instruments are numerous, including:
  1.  Skin Bia Tataratol
  2.  Skin Bia Capeu
  3.  Skin Bia Tahuri
  4.  Skin Bia Lemon
How to play it was different though still by blowing, this was due to the location of the holes on each of the different tools. 

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