Saturday 11 April 2015

West Sumatera

 Now, we'll learn about musical instrument from West Sumatera, have fun !


Saluang is a traditional musical instrument from West Sumatra made from Bamboo Talang.Saluang has a diameter of about 3-4 cm, length 40-60 cm and only has 4 holes. Saluang traditional musical instrument is played by blowing.

The uniqueness of this is that the blower saluang saluang will be able to play Saluang nonstop from the beginning to the end of the song. This is possible because the blower saluang have Hangok Mampasalisiahan technique (aside breath) that breathing techniques in saluang blow.

In Minang, saluang usually not only sounds themselves. Musical instrument made of reed seruas this, be my maid sang rhymes. Poem sung, usually contains satire, lamentation, advice, or a joke. Usually if Saluang in inflatable Without singing accompanied aimed at treatment and kebathinan. In the video above is shown between Pedendang and Plumbers Saluang with listeners / viewers no demarcation but unity in enjoying the Saluang and sound though. It symbolizes togetherness Nature Realm of democracy in Minangkabau in philosophy "Surang Duduak basampik Sampik, duduak Basamo balapang lapang".

Talempong is a traditional percussion instruments Minangkabau. Traditional musical instruments developed in the community of West Sumatra is made of brass, but some some are made of wood and stone. Traditional musical instrument is the same talempong same shape with a musical instrument bonang in gamelan in Java.

Talempong circular with a diameter of 15 to 17.5 inches, the bottom holes while at the top there is a prominent roundabout five centimeters in diameter as a place to hit. Talempong has a different tone. The sound generated from a pair of wood struck on its surface.

Talempong usually played to accompany the dance performances or reception, as typical Tari Piring , Tari Pasambahan, and Tari galombang.

Pupuik batang padi
pupuik batang padi is a traditional musical instrument developed in the area of Agam, West Sumatra . Traditional musical instruments Pupuik rice straw is indeed made of rice stem segments and jointed old. The process of making pupuik (crowbar) rice stem simple count. Old rice straw carefully broken near the base of his book. Fractions rod will form a kind of vocal cords is the source of the sound. If blown, the vocal cords are pitched wheezes. Although pupuik rice straw is only made of rice straw, but these tools become part of the entertainment of the people who brighten the lives of people of West Sumatra. Traditional musical instrument of West Sumatra can then be connected to the coil so that the palm leaves produced increasingly shrill voice and can be heard up to a distance of 2 kilometers.

Serunai is a traditional musical instrument made from rice straw, wood or bamboo, buffalo horn or coconut leaves are played by blowing. Serunai comes from the word Shenai which is a musical instrument that originated from the Valley of Kashmir in northern India Datara. and se Serunai musical instruments are found equally in the province of West Sumatra, especially in the highlands such as in the area of Agam, Tanah Datar and Fifty Cities, and also along the coast of West Sumatra. Flute has a length of about 20 cm, has 4 holes is 2.5 cm. The function of these holes is to set the rhythm. Meanwhile, the tone of this instrument together with other modern instruments, ie pentatonic or do-re-mi-fa-sol. This tone is prevalent in traditional Minang musical instruments.

Tambua is a musical instrument from West Sumatra made of wood hollowed center, usually a length of 60-70 cm and 40-50 cm diameter circle and has a thickness of 1-1.5 cm circle. On both sides of his given animal skin (usually goat skin) which has been dried and fastened in such a way that ties the threads as it is made attractive.

This art tools used to symbolize joy and commonly used in the wedding ceremony, reception or special guests in order to show Batagak Gala Ceremony or Batagak Tower.

Tambua struck simultaneously with a regular rhythm and movement is led by an art tool called "Tansa". Based on this Tansa rhythm was Tambua art tool is sounded. Tansa be a cauldron-shaped vessel with a diameter of 14 inches. made aluminum surface is covered thin skin, in the early development of the Tansa Tambua used deer skin, but in accordance with the times, deer skin has begun to not wear anymore, current Tansa wearing plastic mica / drum head.

Tambua and Tansa played by a minimum of 4 players. Tansa Tambua game also accompanied ole other instruments such as Talempong, pupuik tanduak / sarunai and also pupuik rice stalks. With this tool, the sound will be more crowded Tambua Tansa.

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