Friday 5 June 2015

Central Java Province

Hello, I come back again.
How are you guys? Of course fine, right?
Okay, now I'll tell you some information about traditional musical instrument from Central Java Province.
Sounds good? Let's check these out

1. Kendhang/gendhang

Kendang or gendang is a musical instrument played by striking / ditepak by using the palm of the hand. This drum musical instrument made of wood and animal skin, the material often used to make wooden gendang is jackfruit, jackfruit wood or coconut. Goat's skin and Buffalo's skin was chosen for material gendang tailored to the types of tones produced.
Gendang's function is ensemble music / Javanese gamelan to set the tempo / rhythm songs in playing gamelan.

2. Bonang

is a musical instrument played by striking with the use of special bat. Bonang made from bronze, brass and iron. In Javanese gamelan known term bonang barung and bonang successor. Bonang difference barung and successor situated on the size and functions of both. Bonang barung beroktaf larger and middle to high, serves as the opening and guiding of a song. While the smaller successor bonang and high beroktaf played with speed 2 times faster than bonang barung.

3. Saron

Saron or ricik which is usually called, is one of the gamelan instruments including balungan family and is played by striking. Saron made from sheet metal, while the bat made from wood.
 In playing saron, right-handed hitting wilahan / sheet metal with percussion, then left hand punch that struck wilahan previously to eliminate the buzz left over from the previous tone beating. This technique is called memathet (basic words: pathet = push)

4. Kenong

Kenong is the traditional musical instruments of Central Java which serves as a determinant limit gatra and emphatic rhythms. Kenong sounded by striking. Kenong shape almost identical to bonang only bigger. This tool also hit using a wooden bat wrapped cloth. Number in a set varies but is usually about 10 pieces. It shape looks like bonang, right? although it is larger than bonang.

5. Siter

Siter is the traditional musical instruments of Central Java which sound source is string (wire). Siter playing technique is by way in the picking. This type of instrument in view of the shape and color of the sound, there are three kinds, namely siter, siter successor (smaller than the siter), and clempung (bigger than the siter).

Okay, that's all for today, see you at next post :) 


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