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traditional musical instruments eastern Java

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Lots of famous art from East Java, including even one ever claimed by neighboring countries. But the world community finally acknowledged that Reog is original art from East Java, or more precisely in Ponorogo. Thus known as reog ponorogo. In addition there reog ponorogo original art as ludruk East Java. Well among the arts that developed in East Java, all of which use traditional musical instruments typical of East Java.

 1. Traditional musical instruments eastern Java: Trumpet reog
Trumpet reog used in the art reog ponorogo has a characteristic shape and unique sound. Trumpet reog made of wood and bamboo and coconut shell, sounded by blowing. Trumpet reog shape is very unique with large size bottom and a conical tip section tapers were blown and there is insulation made from coconut shell with a shape like the trumpeter reog mustache. Trumpet reog has 6 holes that serve to set the tone as well as one to blow a hole in the base.

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2. Traditional musical instruments of East Java: Angklung reog

Traditional musical instruments of East Java which is also unique and its uniqueness when compared with similar musical instruments in West Java is Angklung. Angklung reog ponorogo has the shape of an arch on top and decorated by colorful accessories and knick making it more attractive and match the clothes of the dancers reog ponorogo.

3. Traditional musical instruments of East Java: Saronen

Saronen is a musical instrument and also the name of art originating from Madura, East Java. East Java Art saronen music using musical instruments 9 consisting of 1 saronen, 1 large gong, 1 kempul, 1 kenong large, 1 kenong mid, 1 small kenong, 1 Korca, 1 big drum, one drum dik-scabies (small drum ).
Saronen which is a cone-shaped wind instrument, made of teak wood with six holes lined up in front and one hole at the back. A small bracelet of brass hooking the bottom with the top edges are made of palm leaves. At the base of the top music plus a wing of the shell resembles kumis.Alat saronen music and art saronen currently usually performed to accompany the bull racing competitions, cattle contests sono ', ceremonies, wedding receptions, horse serek (kencak) etc.

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