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Traditional Musical Instruments in West Java

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Now I will share about Traditional Musical Instruments in West Java. West Java is not only famous for having sights and beautiful panorama, but the diverse cultures and traditions of the ancestors shall we preserve together. One is the Traditional Musical Instruments. Many of us may not know that some of the traditional musical instruments of West Java almost extinct because eroded by technological advances, especially in the field of music.

1. Karinding

Image result for karinding Karinding is Sundanese traditional musical instrument. Karinding comes from several places in West Java as of Citamiang, Pasir Mukti, Tasikmalaya, Malangbong (Garut) and Cikalong Kulon (Cianjur). The area was usually a traditional musical instrument made from the stem kawung karinding (palm tree), while in some places like in Limbangan and Cililin, most karinding musical instrument made of bamboo.

Karinding traditional musical instruments is very unique, apart from the area of origin karinding manufacture, it also affects the wearer karinding making the material itself. Karinding made of bamboo used by women.
The form was a bit small and elongated, supposedly this instrument is also used as an implant inserted in coils of hair wearer. As for karinding made from the stem kawung used by men. The form was shorter for easy storage in a bako (tobacco)

 How to play this karinding very unique, first karinding which has 3 this segment brought near the mouth. Then one side is struck with the fingers, and as a result of the blow will produce sound vibrations. this is the sound vibrations that will be processed by the players to generate tones.

 2. Tarawangsa

Image result for tarawangsa Tarawangsa is the traditional musical instruments of West Java played by on the friction. Traditional musical instruments tarawangsa the existence of these older than fiddle musical instrument. Tarawangsa proven traditional musical instruments mentioned in the 18th century codex Sewaka dharma.
This instrument can be found in several areas in West Java and Banten. Namely in the area Rancakalong (Sumedang), Cibalong and Cipatujah (Tasikmalaya), Banjaran (Bandung) and Kanekes (Bantam)
Although this instrument has two strings, but only one of the strings are sounded by means swiped. The rest of the rung with plucked strings with the index finger of his left hand. Tarawangsa as one of the traditional musical instrument is often played with diiringin by a kind of musical instrument harp called jentreng.
Players tarawangsa only consisted of two people, ie one player and one player tarawangsa jentreng. All Players Tarawangsa composed of men, with an average age of 50-60 years.

3. Jentreng

Image result for jentreng
Jentreng is a traditional musical instrument from West Java played by plucked and Toel (touched). This instrument similar to a lute music but were smaller and only had 7 pieces of string. Jentreng usually made of wood or ylang flower from jackfruit wood.

The existence jentreng instrument is not much different with a musical instrument Tarawangsa.

4. Kacapi

Image result for kecapi Kacapi is a traditional musical instrument of West Java. Harp is the main instrument in Sundanese song or mamaos Cianjuran.
Traditional musical instrument which is one of the icons of West Java is used in a way picked. According to its function in the accompanying music, kacapi can be divided into two, namely kacapi ovary (kacapi parent) and kacapi rincik (kacapi children).
Kacapi musical instruments can be found in nearly all areas in West Java. And to this day kacapi musical instrument still frequently used and preserved as one of the Sundanese cultural heritage.
Allegedly traditional musical instruments kacapi already existed before the 15th century, which used to accompany the ovary kacapi Sundanese poem.


 Who does not know angklung? traditional musical instrument originating from West Java is already worldwide, and of course we as the next generation Nation has the same responsibility to preserve the culture of Indonesia.

Image result for angklung Angklung is a traditional musical instrument made of bamboo, rung by way shaken. The collision between the body bamboo pipes will produce sounds that have specific tones adjusted by the amount of bamboo uses.
It is not clear since when angklung used West Java community, but from the shape allegedly angklung into use when the presence of Neolithic culture that flourished in the archipelago until the beginning of modern dating, so angklung is part of the relics of pre-Hinduism in the culture of the archipelago. However, a note of this musical instrument angklung of Sundanese kingdom existed at the time, namely in the 12th century to 16.
If my friend happened to the city of Bandung, I recommend to visit the Saung Angklung Udjo's traveled all know more about this angklung musical instrument.

6.  Calung

Image result for calung Well if angklung used in a way shaken, a traditional musical instrument calung is sounded by striking. Biah bamboo arranged in rows is hit the segments causing tone.

Calung instrument is a prototype of angklung. This instrument is made of a type of bamboo for making calung where most of Awi wulung (black bamboo), but some are made of Awi friends (white bamboo).

This instrument can be divided into 2 calung rantay and calung tote. Calung rantay blades in Line up the tube with leather strap hibiscus (lulub) from the largest to the smallest, the numbers 7 wilahan (7 segment bamboo) or lebih. there also
calung shaped tote pitched row of bamboo held together with a small blade of bamboo (paniir).

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