Friday 26 June 2015

North Sumatra

Lots of sightseeing and cultural which is owned by the province thousands of cities in this field, not least the art of music. North Sumatra has many instruments / traditional musical instrument, the instrument we need to know and preserve.

1. Pangora
Pangora, Alat musik dari Sumatera Utara

If we know Gong in Java, with the same shape in North Sumatra that kind of musical instrument called Pangora. However, different regions also vary his trademark. In North Sumatra, musical instruments pangora reads "pok". This is because this pangora musical instrument beaten with sticks and the edges pangora muted with handrails. Pangora is the greatest kind of gong with a diameter of about 37 cm and a thickness of about 6 cm.

2. Gordang 
In Java we recognize musical instrument drum / percussion gamelan played in the arts, etc., well in North Sumatra, we can recognize a musical instrument similar to the drums. It name is Gordang. Gordang (single headed drum) is one of the Toba Batak musical instruments, namely a drum pieces larger than taganing which acts as a carrier of constant rhythm like any variable rhythm. Musical instruments from North Sumatra, known as Gordang is made of wood and is played by striking.

3. Faritia

Next musical instrument is Faritia. Traditional musical instruments of North Sumatra is very similar to gong, made of metal or bronze. What distinguishes the faritia of gong is smaller in size than the gong in general, a diameter of between 20-30 cm. How to play it as well as the gong, which is beaten and has a unique sound.

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