Saturday 20 June 2015

Traditional musical instruments Betawi (Jakarta)

When we hear the word Betawi then that will be remembered in our minds is the capital city of Jakarta. Betawi word is used to refer to indigenous peoples who inhabit Jakarta
The existence and Betawi ethnic origin are some studies and opinions, some argue that the Betawi tribe comes from the mating-mawin ethnic and nation in the past. This ethnic group born from the fusion of various other ethnic groups who were already living in Jakarta, such as the Sundanese, Malay, Javanese, Arabic, Balinese, Bugis, Makasar, Ambon, and Chinese.

 Talking about Betawi culture, now we know different types of art and culture of Betawi. In terms of the art of music known various types of art such as music and tanjidor kromong xylophone. The fact that the two arts are strongly influenced by the culture brought by the Dutch in the 18th century.
Kromong xylophone is a kind of orchestra that is a blend of gamelan musical instruments and musical instruments from the Chinese. Traditional musical instruments used in Gambang Kromong among others:

1. kempul
2. gong
3. Gambang
4. rebab /
5. Kendhang / Gendang
6. gender
7. bonang
8. Kong'ahyan, Tehyan and Sukong

 Kong'ahyan, Tehyan and Sukong is of Chinese traditional musical instrument that has been used by Betawi people in the arts since the Dutch era gambang kromong , lenong and ondel-ondel. Stringed instrument is shaped almost like fiddle. Betawi traditional musical instruments Kong'ahyan, Tehyan and Sukong has some differences among them, namely:

     1. Kong'ahyan has the size shell (shell) that is small coconut with the basic tone D (called melody)
     2. Tehyan has the size shell (shell) palm-sized with basic tone A (also called Rythem)
     3. Sukong has the size shell (shell) of the most large-sized palm with the basic tone G (also known as a bass)

While the Tanjidor we know some musical instruments brought from Europe in the 18th century such as the clarinet, piston, trombone and saxophone.

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