Friday 26 June 2015

Traditional musical instrument from South Sumatra

South Sumatra provincial capital in the city of Palembang. The town is known for its distinctive food submarine / empek-empek palembang this, choose a variety of traditional musical instruments.
 Traditional musical instruments from Palembang consists of several instruments that are likely to be found also in some other areas in Indonesia, however, there is a difference include the name and plays rhythm adapted to the customs that exist in South Sumatra.

1.Burdah or drum Oku

Burdah or drum Oku is a traditional musical instrument from South Sumatra kind of tambourines made of wood and animal skin. Compared with a tambourine, Burdah larger size. In South Sumatra, traditional musical instruments Burdah / Oku drum is played to accompany the song Islami (barjanji) at religious events that are played alone or in groups. Burdah also often used to accompany martial arts.

2. Weaving Musical Instruments
Traditional musical instrument from South Sumatra hereinafter referred to as the weaving of musical instruments. Called weaving musical instrument because the instrument is typically used as an entertainer workers who were weaving. Weaving a musical instrument made of wood is rectangular, with a triangular sequential ornament in the middle. Sequential triangle in the middle of this musical instrument are sounded by striking giving rise to noise with certain tones.

Stringed musical instrument is a stringed musical instrument like mandolin coming from the Middle East. Although the stringed musical instrument can be found in several regions in Indonesia, but the shape of stringed musical instrument from South Sumatra this of course has a characteristic as shown below.

4. Kenong Basemah

Kenong traditional musical instruments can be found also in several areas in Java. Kenong is a musical instrument made of copper, which is one instrument that complements traditional Javanese gamelan. In South Sumatra are typical gamelan musical instruments kenong Basemah tribe in South Sumatra Pagar.

5. Terbangan

Terbangan is a traditional musical instrument originating from South Sumatra. Percussion instruments originating from South Sumatra is also called tambourine. Terbangan consists of four tambourine Hadrah and one Jidur (small drum), usually red, black, and gold.

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