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Traditional musical instrument of Jambi

Jambi province are also capitalized in the majority of communities adala Jambi Malay community. So do not be surprised if some of the instruments that exist in Jambi almost the same as other areas which are also predominantly MalayTraditional musical instrument of Jambi are:

1. Serangko
Serangko is a kind of wind instrument made of buffalo horn. Serangko long instrument reaches 1 meter - 1.5 meter. In ancient times this Serangko musical instruments used by warlords to give the command. In addition to these functions, Serangko also used for notification when there is a calamity that befell the death of one of the communities in Jambi.

2. Gangor / Cangor

Gangor Cangor Jambi is a traditional musical instrument made of bamboo. Cangor a tube zither musical instruments, including a group of musical instruments idio-kordofon. This instrument is usually played as relieving tired for farmers when it is resting. Cangor found in Sarolangun, Merangin, Bungo, Tebo and Kerinci.

3.Puput Wood
If we know in West Sumatra Puput Serunai instrument, in Jambi is no such thing Puput Wood. Wood Puput This is a kind of Jambi traditional musical instrument made of wood. Wood Puput musical instrument classified as a wind instrument. Wood is a kind of flute Puput equipped tongues as inflatable tools, the body there are seven holes puput wood tones. Wood Puput played as a complementary tool to accompany the art at the time of traditional songs and dances Jambi.

4.  Malay drum Jambi
Jambi Malay drum has a characteristic shape and distinctive sound of the drum compared to other regions. Jambi Malay drum made of coconut Bongkot and skin animals such as goats. Interwoven rattan serves to tighten the drum skin. Drum is played by striking use both hands while cuddled in a sitting position. In order to sound louder on the inner bark is nailed circle using a round rattan called sentung.
In Jambi Province drum is commonly used to polaritme folk songs as well as dance accompaniment, and songs melayu other Jambi.

5. Gambus Jambi
Gambus is a stringed musical instrument like mandolin coming from the Middle East. Psaltery fitted with at least three strings to a maximum of 12 strings. Gambus played with a drum accompaniment. An orchestra put on the main instrument in the form of a stringed instrument, called the orchestra of stringed instruments called
gambus only. In Jambi we can find this musical instrument Lute.

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